Sony planning fewer smartphones and TVs after falling sales


If you’re a fan of Sony’s Xperia smartphones (like we are), then you might be disappointed to hear that the company plans on making fewer of them due to lagging sales.

Sony SmartphonesSony said it would refocus on high-end phones back in September, but has now clarified that it will condense its overall lineup in an effort to make fewer, more profitable devices. While sales could drop as much as 30% with this new plan, the hope is for a better return on investment.

“We’re not aiming for size or market share but better profits,” said Sony’s new mobile chief, Hiroki Totoki. The company has similar plans for its TV line, which used to be a big moneymaker but has diminished in recent years due to increased competition.

While this might seem like a bad thing on the surface, we’d argue that a company of Sony’s quality and ingenuity focusing on a smaller array of products can only be a good thing. Sony isn’t saying there’s no money in great smartphones, only that it’s had too broad a focus.

Luckily, the company has some very bright spots in its current repertoire. The PlayStation 4 is doing very well, and Sony sees real revenue possibilities with the upcoming PlayStation Vue streaming video service. Moreover, Sony’s image sensor business is soaring thanks to the iPhone and various Chinese handsets.

But the company plans to be a bit leaner overall, it appears: Sony will reportedly not renew its FIFA sponsorship after the current eight-year deal expires at the end of 2014. Probably for the best, considering its hefty cost of 33 billion yen.

Source: Reuters


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