Garmin’s Forerunner 920XT has landed, wants to keep you moving this December


Yes, we know the end of the year is coming up and if you’re anything like us you’re going to be looking forward to putting your feet up, sleeping and generally putting on a few kilograms with some good food eaten in the presence of good friends. And a few drinks.

Forerunner 920XTBut that’s not going to happen in Garmin’s Forerunner 920XT, which has launched here in SA, has its way. Aimed at triathletes, the Forerunner 920XT features the stuff you’d expect from a fitness watch. Steps, distance, calories and personal targets are all options but the 920Xt will also offer modes for swimming, cycling as well as the good old pedestrian method of locomotion.

There’s a swim drill option, which will record your distance, pace and stroke count, while bikers (the pedal kind) will be able to see how high they are with the built-in altimeter and users will be able to connect to come external devices for cadence and speed measurement. Both cyclists and runners will be able to keep track of heart-rate with Garmin’s HR Monitor and runners will have vertical oscillation tracked as well as ground contact.

Garmin SA CEO Walter Mech explains: “The GPS multisport watch can record in-depth metrics and data for swimming, cycling and running and also track athlete’s daily activity, while keeping them connected. The Forerunner 920XT is ideal for training, racing and everything in between.”

The Garmin Forerunner 920XT, bundled along with the Hear Rate Monitor, carries with it a recommended retail price (RRP) of R7,300. Garmin says that the 920XT is exclusive to Due South stores here in SA.


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