Cortana vs. Siri – Let the smack-talk begin


Microsoft’s Cortana is being very, very nasty to Apple’s Siri digital assistant. At least that’s the case in the newest advert from Microsoft which pits the two phone inhabitants together.

In the video below you’ll see Microsoft’s Cortana quizzing the new Siri in its home in the iPhone 6 Plus, outlining the Microsoft-provided features and asking whether Apple’s solution is able to replicate them. Apparently Siri “…just got bigger”, something else that is used as a shot against Siri in the form of a weight joke.

Mashable notes that Cortana sounds a lot better than she does when giving you info from your smartphone but we can forgive that, since taking these liberties gets the company’s point across quite effectively. Even if it is a bit mean.

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Source: Mashable


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