Sony’s PlayStation TV, with or without controller, lands in SA


PlayStation TVBack in June this year, were learned that Sony’s PlayStation TV streaming add-on for the PlayStation 4 would be moving out of Japan and into other territories. South Africa was one of those and now, at last, the day has arrived.

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Local Sony distributor Ster Kinekor has announced the in-store availability of the PlayStation TV here in SA. Buyers looking to augment their everything-Sony home setup with a little streaming box will be able to add the PlayStation TV to their collection either as a standalone purchase or one that includes a DualShock 4 controller.

If you happen to have a PS3 controller lying around (or the DualShock 4 from your shiny new PS4) then you can opt for the R1,500 PlayStation TV on its own. If you’re looking to add some more plastic to your coffee table’s surface, the DS4-bundled options will set you back R2,200.

According to Ster Kinekor there are over 400 supported games for the PlayStation TV at present, all of which are also playable on the PlayStation Vita. There are some exceptions though, like titles which rely heavily on the Vita hardware to function.


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