Samsung will be producing fewer smartphone models in 2015


Samsung Galaxy Note EdgeWe weren’t actually going to say anything but Samsung has been making a whole lot of different phone models lately and it’s getting hard to keep up with the direction that they’re going in. That’s because they really seem to be heading in all of the directions but Samsung has apparently noted this.

A Wall Street Journal report indicates that Samsung will be reducing the number of smartphone models that will hit stores in 2015, cutting the variation by anywhere between 25 and 30%. The decision is supposed to help the company boost profits and cut costs in the long term but it’s also good news for users. There’s spoilt for choice and then there’s choice overload, which is what Samsung seems to have been giving us just lately.

Ars Technica points out that 2014 saw Samsung introduce a total of 56 new smartphones to the market so trimming that back by 30% or so isn’t going to hurt any of your favourites and it might just give the company the time and money to further improve their better handsets.

Odds are that we’ll see fewer experimental handsets and some of the poor sellers are going to go away but that’s going to be a small price to pay for Samsung heading in the direction of a saner number of phone releases. Now it’s just a question of whether their tablet lineup will be going on a similar diet next year.

Source: Ars Technica


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