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Hot on the heels of the launch of “micro-jobbing” service M4JAM – which pays users for completing small tasks like surveys or confirming specific products are in certain stores – comes Refer2earn, a service that pays users for referring people they know to insurers. Given South African’s aversion to cold callers and telemarketers this could prove a tough sell as those people referred (thankfully) need to consent to having their information shared with said insurers.

Refer2Earn-screenshotRefer2earn offers mobile applications for Android and iOS and users can opt to receive their earnings in cash or as mobile airtime or prepaid electricity vouchers. Users can earn income for both quotes requested and sales made. When signing up, users need to provide a photo of their ID book.

“In South Africa, 25.5% of people are unemployed and while both the public and private sector are placing focus on driving up skills and increasing job opportunities – there is still a need and an opportunity for the creation of immediate, sustainable and easy-to-access jobs,” says Refer2earn MD Brent Thomson.

“Refer2earn does not just offer earning opportunities on a once off basis but, instead, it focuses on providing ongoing earning opportunities – at the discretion of the individual – and, more importantly, medium-term earning potential exists as people get fees paid at each stage of the referral process.”

Earnings vary depending on the product recommended during the referral process. Users can earn money for valid quotes generated and again if a product is actually sold. At launch the products on offer for referrals are funeral cover, life insurance and value-added products like domestic cover, tyre and rim cover and mobile phone insurance.

“Refer2earn is set to change the way in which people earn a living in South Africa and we believe that we have created a platform that allows for real revenue sustainability instead of once-off opportunities,” Thomson says. “We believe Refer2earn has the potential to open up strong money making opportunities, so if you have a phone why not use it to make extra cash for yourself?”

See Refer2earn’s video introduction to its service below:

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