Far Cry 4 – What to expect from next week’s launch


Kyrat is designed to be a playground for the trigger-happy, a place where you can roam the Himalayas fighting off tigers, soldiers, rhinos and elephants to your heart’s content. It’s also going to be a place where nasty things happen, thanks to Pagan Min and his collection of minions who seem just as insane as he is.

This is the world of Far Cry 4 and Ubisoft, in keeping with recent tradition and the launch of the game just around the corner, have released another 101 video giving players and potential players an overview of what to expect from their time in the mountains.

The video takes us through the highlights of everything, from the people (friendly and not-so-friendly), things to wage war with (pew-pew), vehicles to the wildlife that wanders around trying to eat you. There’s a brief look at the skill tree, co-op gameplay options and the side-quests that will take up the bulk of you time in Kyrat as well.

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Though the video looks exciting, we’re hoping that Far Cry 4 isn’t going to wind up just being Far Cry 3 in the snow. There are hints of that in the 101 trailer, unfortunately, but we’re optimistic that this was done just to keep the open-world adventure (relatively) spoiler-free.

Keep your eyes peeled for our review of Far Cry 4, right about the time that it lands next week.


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