Apple’s iPad Air 2 drops in SA tomorrow, iPad mini 3 next week


New iPad PairIt was a mere ten days ago that local Apple supplier Core Group enlightened us concerning the prices for the newest Apple tablet hardware (head on here for a refresher on what a new piece for Fruit will cost you). Prices start at R5,500 for the iPad mini 3 and at R6,700 for the iPad Air 2.

And now we have a date, even if it’s a bit short notice.

The iPad Air 2 lands in SA from tomorrow, 14 November, so we’re expecting a few extended lunch breaks while people go and upgrades their tablets.

The iPad mini 3 is going to be delayed until next week, though Core don’t have an exact date for us on that one yet. The iPad mini 3 range will also be limited at launch, with only “selected models and colours” available, but they will become available. Later.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of the iPad mini 3 and what you can find in SA at launch as we find out details.


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