This is ARENA Scientific’s 10.1-inch LTE Tab-X tablet


ARENA Scientific Tab-XARENA Scientific is a name that we don’t hear a whole lot in the Southern Hemisphere (unless we’ve been looking in all the wrong places) but they’ve got something remarkable in a 10.1-inch Windows 8.1 tablet on the boil.

That would be the Tab-X, an LTE-sporting, thick-as-a-smartphone tablet that features an Intel quad-core at its heart as well as some pretty nifty connectivity options. Not bad for a 10.1-inch tablet that is just 8.5mm at its thickest point (not counting a keyboard dock, of course).

The Tab-X might weigh just 580 grams, which puts it within spitting distance of the thinnest of them all: the iPad Air 2, but it’s packing an Intel Trail T Z3735F, a 1.83GHz chip that comes with up to 2GB of RAM.

ARENA Scientific have managed to cram just about everything inside this thin, light tablet, included a 7th generation Intel HD Graphics solution, USB 3.0, a seven-hour battery, webcam, multi-card reader and 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi as well as LTE support for your data SIM.

About the only place where this tablet falls down is the screen, which is a ‘mere’ 1,280 x 800 IPS touchscreen. The price might give you something to smile about, though you’d have to order it from overseas. US pricing is just $400, or R4,550 or so in our local currency. Not too shabby for this German-designed hardware, even without an HD display.


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