Dragon Age: Inquisition is all about choices


Bioware and Electronic Arts’ Dragon Age series kicked off with the fantastic Dragon Age: Origins, the less impressive Dragon Age II and its reused dungeons and we’re just a couple of weeks shy of the third and largest outing for the series.

Dragon Age: Inquisition has been getting a collection of video releases detailing what players can expect from the role-playing game and the final video takes on the choices that players will be facing in their journey to seal the Breach that is the main reason you’re going to be roaming the wilds and cities of Thedas once again.

Inquisition is, for the most part, a whole lot like DA: Origins when it comes to the choices that players will face. Some will be good, some bad and we’re expecting more than a few grey areas and unintended consequences to player actions that will make things exciting.

This time around there are larger political considerations to account for, as well as the new Operations mechanic that will see players making contact with new regions in what looks to be a massive game world.

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The end of November is when you can expect Inquisition to land, we’re dying to get stuck in and we suspect that a few ‘sick’ days might be in order.

Source: Bioware (YouTube)


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