Jawbone introduces the UP3, their most advanced wearable to date


Jawbone makes some mighty impressive, and stylish, wearable fitness tech. Now they’ve gone and come out with something new in the UP3, which fits in a heart-rate monitor along with all of the other tech that we’re used to from our fitness trackers

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Jawbone Up3There is a new heart-rate monitor, this is true, but it’s also going to be joined by other tech that will add their skills to the existing step and sleep-tracking that Jawbone’s wrist-wear is known for. Tech like bioimpedance and skin sensors as well as a temperature sensor, which will come together to give you a better picture of what your activities are doing to (and to) you.

Jawbone’s UP3 will keep an eye on your resting heart rate from the start but they’ve got improvements on the way. At an unspecified time after launch Jawbone will “…will unlock “passive” and “on-demand” heart rate – both updates that will come over the air – allowing you to see your heart rate at any time throughout the day.”

As yet there’s no indication when we’ll be seeing the UP3 in South Africa but it should be arriving internationally by the end of 2014. The cost? From $180 or just over R2,000 in local currency. Will it be worth the purchase price? Watch this space to find out.

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Source: Jawbone via Engadget


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