4K resolution confirmed for GTA V PC, first-person modes for PS4 and XBO


Grand Theft Auto V is due to make the jump to several new platforms, with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the open-world crime title landing on 18 November and the PC edition of the game (at long bloody last) hitting screens on 27 January next year. But is there really a point to re-purchasing a game that you’ve already played to bits?

Developer Rockstar says yes, which is why they’ve just announced new features for the visually-enhanced GTA V. One of the most notable is the inclusion of a new first-person mode that will be available on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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Players will be able to jump into the action from a first-person perspective, similar to that seen in Call of Duty and other popular shooters, with a revamped control scheme that includes “…an optional first person cover system, a new targeting system, a more traditional FPS control scheme, and [the integration of]thousands of new animations into the existing game.” Both GTA V and GTA Online will feature an FPS option.

And then there’s the PC version, which will be getting some 4K love with a resolution bump that will make you happy that you invested in that massive GPU and that crazy-expensive 4K PC monitor. South African distributor Megarom also tells us that the PS4 and Xbox One editions will have a 1080p resolution (at 30fps) so you don’t have to feel too bad if you’re opting for the November console versions.

Source: Polygon


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