LG’s new smartphone screen bezel is thinner than a credit card


Smartphones would be so much better without all of that extraneous space around the screen, right? If you identify with this statement, then LG has something for you coming around the bend.

LG Display has LG Bezelannounced that it has developed a 5.3in Full HD LCD panel for upcoming smartphones that only requires 0.7mm of bezel to the right and left of the display. That’s enough to be visible, but it’s just narrower than a credit card.

More importantly, it’s much less than the average phone on the market today, to which LG credits its new Neo Edge module processing and Advanced In-Cell Touch technologies.

Neo Edge employs an adhesive rather than two-sided tape to attach the circuit board and backlight, and minimizing the moving parts in the process lets them trim down the bezel in kind. It’s also said to result in a more durable panel due to the hardened adhesive.

Meanwhile, LG’s Advanced In-Cell Touch process embeds the touch panel within the LCD module, which both saves money and further eliminates unnecessary bezel. All told: new manufacturing techniques mean more display covering the front of your phone.

As with yesterday’s news on Sharp’s 4K smartphone screen ambitions, Chinese device makers’ increasing needs for larger phones is driving this move, and they’ll be the first to take advantage of LG’s new screens once they roll off of the assembly line in November.

Source: LG Display


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