Samsung takes a shot at Apple, using Steve Jobs’ words to do it


Too soon? Samsung’s South Korean Twitter account has taken a dig at Apple’s decision to release a larger-screened iPhone by throwing late CEO Steve Jobs own words back at Cupertino.

The image released on Twitter contains the words “No one is going to buy a big phone” and the line was said by Jobs at the launch of the iPhone 4. Historically Jobs was against making the iPhone larger and while Apple seems to have discarded that fact, it seems that Samsung hasn’t forgotten about what a very definite statement by the late CEO.

The question is: is Samsung’s choice to quote the late Apple CEO going too far when it comes to advertising or is this acceptable (and quite clever) practise when promoting the Galaxy Note 4 by pointing out Apple’s new-found appreciation of larger-screened devices? We’d give Samsung points for brazenness but there are going to be those who will be upset by this tactic.

Source: CNET


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