Android users prepare: Hearthstone will be launching for Android tablets this year


Hearthstone Perhaps you’ve heard of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the tablet-based game set in the Warcraft universe that has acted as a massive time-sink everywhere (including the Stuff offices). If that is the case, you’ve been playing it on an iPad or on a Windows 8 tablet rather than anything that runs Google’s Android OS.

Fans have been calling for an Android tablet version and there’s some good news there. We’ll see it before the end of the year, unforeseen delays permitting.

Blizzard has said in a blog post that “…we’ve got our sights set on a release for Android tablets, our next new platform, before the end of the year”, saying that they’ve still got “…a few more mana crystals to polish and some Angry Chickens to chase down” before the release is final.

The company is also working on rolling out iPhone and Android smartphone versions of the card-based game but, while they have a working version at Blizzard, there are still a few bugs and some extra polish needed so you can expect to take Hearthstone everywhere you go some time early next year.

Source: via Eurogamer


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