Fitbit has a high-spec GPS-sporting, heart-rate-monitoring activity tracker coming


We’re not strangers to Fitbit’s range of wearable devices, with the Flex activity tracker remaining a firm favourite among the Stuff staffers. But there’s something new and altogether shinier on the horizon from the company called the Fitbit Surge and it’s set to make the rest of the product line look positively antiquated.

Fitbit Surge The VergeRevealed by The Verge, who are reporting on a marketing sheet for the Surge that they managed to get their hands on, the wearable looks to be an update of an earlier device; the Fitbit Force.

But there’s a whole lot more going on than just keeping track of your calories, the marketing material seen by The Verge claims that the Surge is a ‘superwatch’, with GPS and heart-rate monitoring built into the wristband.

It’ll feature profiles and tracking for a variety of sports, will track your sleep and all those other Fitbit-y things we’ve come to expect, plus the device will let you view “…call and text notifications on display and control music right from your wrist.”

So far it’s looking like a considerable update of Fitbit’s products but as there’s no official announcement at yet, we’ve got no idea when or where it’ll appear or what it will cost when it does. We’ll keep you posted.

Source/Image: The Verge


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