Xbox One gets Vine video access from the Dashboard


When playing games on your Xbox One, there is the occasional spot of load time. What are you supposed to do while the twenty-second load-screen is taking up valuable time? There’s now an app for just that, if you’re so inclined.

Xbox One VineA Vine app, the first to be made for TV-based viewing, has just launched on the Xbox One in several markets around the world and yes, South Africa is one of them. Users will be able to view popular playlists and Vine channels from their consoles, giving you six-second bursts of distraction while you’re waiting to load into the next Call of Duty map.

The Xbox One app will be integrated several console-specific features, like the ability to control your interactions with the short video content by using the Kinect, either through voice commands or gestures.

Users will also be able to snap the app into the side of the screen so you can surf for amusing cat videos while teabagging and trash-talking the opposing team online.

Vine is available for download now to Xbox Live users. Get out there and hit the comedy channel, stat.


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