What exactly does a $50 million crowdfunded game look like?

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Perhaps you’ve heard of Star Citizen, a very ambitious crowdfunded game that has made more than $50 million in fundraising for development. Perhaps you haven’t, but it is designed to be a frankly massive online space title that will combine elements of space ship simulator (combat and otherwise), a first-person shooter and will have an in-game economy that sustains the game world.

So just what does a game that has been developed using a variety of financial sources outside of the typical developer/publisher arrangement look like?

The 10-or-so minute walkthrough above will give you some idea of what to expect. The gameplay footage, all of which is taken from the game’s engine, shows a walkthrough of one of the ships available in-game, a landing on a planet and then a tour of some of the working areas on the planet’s surface.

Some of the footage here hitches and stalls, something that has been attributed to the live stream used to send the video out and not the game itself. So far Star Citizen is looking to be as expansive as was initially promised and we’re expecting big things when it becomes available next year, barring complications that could push the release date back.

Source: via Polygon


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