LG launches the G3 Beat in South Africa


We’ve known about the smaller LG G3 Beat for some time, in that the handset features similar specs and looks to the main G3 flagship from the company, but what we didn’t know is exactly when it would be landing in local stores. Well now we do. Sort of.

G3 Beat_White_October, that is this month, is when “selected operators” will be getting the LG G3 Beat in stock but today marks the official launch of the mid-range (but still attractive) smartphone.

Why mid-range? When we first saw the G3 Beat, the screen was shrinking in both size and resolution, down from 5.5-inches to an even 5-inches and the resolution has fallen from the lovely 2K screen to a 720p one. The processor has also dipped, down to a Snapdragon 400 quad at 1.2GHz, but many of the G3’s other features, like the laser autofocus, have remained in place. Not much has changed there.

General Manager for LG Mobile in SA Deon Prinsloo said in a statement “Smartphone manufacturers cannot ignore this growing segment of consumers who want the best balance of looks, features, performance and, of course, price. The LG G3 Beat represents our commitment to the mid-tier smartphone market that demands mature technology, proven branding, great innovation and attractive price, all in a single device.”

LG haven’t offered up a retail price yet, all we know now is that it’ll be cheaper than the G3 – something that isn’t hard to do. We’ll keep you posted with price updates.


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