Lamborghini’s Asterion is the hybrid you’ll likely never have


Earlier this month, at the Paris Motor Show, supercar manufacturer Lamborghini showed off their very first hybrid vehicle in the Asterion LPI 910-4.

A combination of a 5.2l V10 engine coupled with a trio of electric motors, the Asterion is a 910 horsepower monster able to pip 100km/hour in three seconds and capable of a top speed of 320km/h. When running on the electric motors alone, the vehicle has a range of 50 kilometres. That might seems to be a piffling amount but it’s nothing to sneeze at when you’re tooling around in a V10.

But sadly the Asterion isn’t going to be for sale any time soon, it’s more of a tech demo of what the company would do if they ever ventured into the hybrid vehicle space – something that hasn’t been completely ruled out yet. But Lamborghini plans to embrace turbocharging tech instead of creating plug-in EVs for the near future, it seems, so wealthy drivers looking to reduce their carbon footprints will have to wait for a production model that doesn’t use batteries.

The Asterion LPI 910-4 was made as “…a technology demonstrator representing a Lamborghini model that realistically be produced today”, though the company won’t be mass producing these at any point.

The video below, unfortunately an animated rendering rather than a live demo, shows just how the Lambo hybrid works on the road, from switching between the electric engine that runs the show at startup to the conventional dinosaur-burning one at high speeds.

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