Behold, an Android smartwatch running Windows 95


If you’d told us way back in the primordial mists of technology time, like about the time that Windows 95 was released, that we’d eventually see it running on a wrist-mounted computer, we would have called you crazy. We also would have thought it was the coolest thing we’d ever seen and now, around 19 years later, it’s still pretty awesome. Pointless, but awesome.

The video below is a demonstration of Windows 95 in action on a Samsung Gear Live smartwatch which, despite being something that you can wear every day, actually features more impressive specs than the computers we used to run the desktop version of Windows 95 on.

The hack is arranged by using an Android app based on DosBox which emulates the environment needed for Windows 95 to function. It’s not perfect yet, with virtual RAM issues being the main impediment to playing the first version of Doom on your wrist but it’s not a bad effort from 16-year old Corbin Davenport, who came up with this mod in the first place.

Source: Liliputing via The Verge


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