See Samsung bend-testing the Galaxy Note 4 with virtual buttocks


Samsung continues to make capital out of the fact that a few iPhone 6 Plus handsets have been bent in the back pockets of users by releasing a video of the bend tests that their new Galaxy Note 4 undergoes. The implication, of course, is that the Note 4 won’t easily deform when placed on your posterior and plopped down on.

Don’t let the YouTube thumbnail fool you, the bend test might include the three-point bend trial but the real highlight is seeing the Note 4 being battered by a virtual bum, which has been covered in a virtual set of jeans for the purposes of the video below.

The video from Samsung’s testing area all looks well and good but we have yet to get our hands on the Note 4 where we can subject it to a bit of pressure of our very own. But that day is coming, look out for it in future.

Source: The Verge


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