Tesla has a D-something on the way


We’ve been dying to get our hands on one of Tesla’s all-electric vehicles and it seems that there’s a new one on the way for us to lust after. Tesla head Elon Musk, in a Twitter post, has said that it’s “[a]bout time to unveil the D”, with an image accompanying the tweet so we don’t think that he was just being really dirty.

The ‘D’ in question looks to be a new vehicle from the electronic car manufacturer, though the specifics around it are very sadly lacking. And then there’s something else on the way which, according to this tweet from Musk, could have another letter designation. What it is is anyone’s guess but a motorcycle would be nice… please?

We’ll have our eyes glues to the announcement come 9 October to see what is in store for the motoring world. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: Elon Musk (Twitter) via The Verge


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