Jumping the queue? Windows 10 Technical Preview is available


If, like us, you’re curious about what Microsoft will have in store for us when Windows 10 lands next year then there is a way to satisfy your curiousity. Microsoft has made the Windows 10 Technical Preview, a test version of the upcoming OS that Redmond has come right out to say will be “…rough and unfinished”, available.

Windows 10But it will be buggy, perhaps leading to corrupted files or even the entire operating system as new features are tested, upgraded and tweaked. If that’s your thing, and you really know your way around your PC, then Microsoft has made Technical Preview available in a range of flavours in the Windows Insider Program.

What potential Windows 10 testers will need to do is sign up for the Windows Insider Program and, once that is completed, Microsoft will give them access to a collection of download links containing the .ISO files for the operating system as it stands. Installation of Windows 10 Technical Preview seems to be a bit more technical than previous product previews from the company but if you know how to burn an ISO and tweak your BIOS you should be fine enough. For everything else, there are the forums…

Microsoft recommends that if you’re trying out the Technical Preview that you don’t use it on your main machine, due to the potential catastrophic results you might see. We’re going to have to agree with them there – use a secondary machine to play with Windows 10.

Source: Microsoft


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