TomTom’s Golfer will accompany you on the green, could help your game


TomTom GolferThere’s a wearable for everything these days, though smartwatches are looking to take a myriad of functions and roll them into one in the near future. For the time being, for golfers anyhow, there’s something special in the TomTom Golfer, a wearable up for pre-order at the company’s UK website.

The Golfer does just what it says, it’ll help you with your golf game. Users will be able to enter their game stats including the score, distance covered and time played, it’ll supply yardage info, hazards and has something that TomTom calls a Greenview that will offer you a graphical representation of the green or hazard you’re approaching.

That is, if the course you’re playing on is supported. As the TomTom Golfer covers more that 34,000 courses (and yes, some of those are in SA, we checked) odds are good that you’ll be able to put this wearable to use.

As to when it will be locally available, we’re not sure yet but it can be pre-ordered for around R3,660 if you want in on the ground floor and don’t mind shipping it from overseas. It’s expected to become available in the next month or so.

Source: TomTom via Engadget


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