Rumours of a GoPro update indicate touchscreens, better 4K and a budget model


You know you’ve nigh-on cornered your market when you product name is used to describe similar devices and, for a certain type of person, everything is a GoPro. But there can be only one and GoPro apparently has a new offering on the way to cement that impression.

Hero4 BlackReports claim that there is a Hero4, with both Black and Silver editions, on the way and it could get here sooner than you’d think.

The Hero4 Black Edition will reportedly be coming with a beefed-up processor, improved image quality and the ability to record 4K at 30fps. Waterproofing and audio quality have both seen an upgrade, the former to 40 metres, and there’s WiFi and Bluetooth for users to play with, among other improvements.

The Hero4 Silver, on the other hand, won’t be getting the 4K video improvement but it will apparently be the first GoPro to feature a touchscreen interface but many of the other features of the camera will be identical to it’s premium relative.

Also on the cards? Apparently there’s a budget camera in the offing as well, simply called the Hero. It has a limited feature set, lacks 4K video recording and wireless connectivity but the casing-integrated camera will be waterproof up to 40 metres. We’re not going to complain about a budget GoPro at all, even with reduced features.

Website PetaPixel also has an availability date listed for the new action-cams and it’s just around the corner. At least, that’s the case if you’re an international photographer, it’s supposedly launching on 8 October this year. This has yet to be confirmed though and there’s no indication what pricing will be.

Source: PetaPixel via Digital Trends


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