Don’t update to iCloud Drive when you install iOS 8 – it won’t sync with your Mac until OS X Yosemite launches


iOS 8 will be landing on iPhones at some point today, bringing with it a slew of tasty improvements including custom keyboards, Touch ID app integration and much more.

We’ve already shown you how to back-up everything you’ve got on your iDevice before making the switch, but there’s something else you need to know once it’s installed:

Don’t upgrade to iCloud Drive.

Once you install iOS 8, you’ll get a prompt asking you if you want to upgrade to iCloud Drive. Choose “Not Now”.

If you do upgrade to iCloud Drive, you won’t be able to sync your iPhone or iPad with your Mac until OS X Yosemite drops later on this year, which will result in file syncing hassles you could probably do without.

When OS X Yosemite does land, it’ll bring more than iCloud Drive integration to the table, allowing you to answer phone calls on your Mac, carry on working seamlessly between your mobile iOS devices and the big screen, and much more.

If you’re currently rocking the OS X Yosemite beta and your Mac app has been updated to use iCloud Disk then you shouldn’t come across any problems, but we’d still recommend waiting for the final finished version to land. There’s no rush after all.

Source: via TUAW


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