HTC may be about to launch an action camera


HTC is holding an event in New York on 8th October, and now that we’ve seen the invitation we don’t think it’s going to be the HTC Nexus 9’s big debut – we think it’s going to be the company’s first camera.

HTC has named the event “Double Exposure”, suggesting it’ll be based on imaging technology of some kind. And now Bloomberg is reporting that the firm has been developing a 16MP “tube-shaped” camera that will connect to Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

HTC InvitationIt sounds a bit like the Sony QX camera range (which was just updated last week with the addition of two new models), but Bloomberg’s report claims HTC is taking a slightly different tack by concentrating on video capture and simplicity – and by being waterproof.

Essentially, it sounds like HTC may have developed a smartphone-friendly action camera – a rugged GoPro competitor that’ll work with other manufacturers’ devices. Of course, it’ll also take stills (video cameras don’t need a 16MP sensor), and could represent an simple option for owners of the HTC One and One M8 looking to improve those phones’ rather disappointing photography capabilities.

We’ll be watching the event to see precisely what HTC has in store for us, so stay tuned for updates.

Source: Bloomberg


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