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It’s been September for a while now but today is an appropriate enough day to outline which games you should be playing on your preferred platform this month. Why? Because today is the day that Destiny comes out to play with everyone and there’s a whole lot to do.

That’s why if we had our way all work would stop so we could go and explore the solar system. But perhaps being a member of a Strike Team isn’t your thing, in which case we have several other items lined up for release this month, ranging from the nostalgic and crowdfunded to the sporty and technical.

Hit the tabs below to see what you should be looking forward to on the gaming front for the rest of September. And hold onto your hats because October and November this year are set to be even bigger.

  • Destiny

    Welcome to your life for the next year

    Everyone needs a little space now and then and Destiny, the brainchild of Halo creators Bungie, is set to give users a whole lot of space to play with. Become a Guardian of the last habitable place on Earth and journey around the solar system telling your tale with the rest of your Strike Team in tow.

    Or tackle the challenges that this online story-based single/multiplayer shooter has to offer alone, if you think that you’re tough enough. Pick one of the three main classes: Titan (or meat shield), Hunter (prepare to kite your foes) or Warlock (space wizard) and get out into one of the more ambitious gaming worlds we’ve seen.

    You have nothing to lose except several months of your free time but it’s going to be worth it.

    Who should play it?

    World of Warcraft fan?  Borderlands nut? Halo expert? Just a fan of co-operative shooters in general? A combination of the above? Then Destiny is your er… destiny. And since it’s launching today, 9 September, you don’t have to wait all that long to fulfill it.

    Release date: 9 September
    Developer/Publisher: Bungie/Activision
    Platform/s: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

  • The beginning begins. Again.

    The beginning begins. Again.

    Infamous: Second Son was a great return to the world of Infamous, one that no longer starred PlayStation 3 hero Cole McGrath. Instead players were traipsing around the city of Seattle, a much better-looking environment than we saw on the PS3 thanks to the PlayStation 4’s improved hardware. Ever wanted to go back?

    Well Infamous: First Light, a standalone prequel to Second Son that puts players in control of Abigail ‘Fetch’ Walker – who was part of Infamous 3 – and tells her own story prior to the events of the PS4 exclusive title.

    Though narrative elements of this game were touched on in Second Son, First Light will explore Fetch’s history and how she came to be a resident of the Conduit prison prior to the breakout that kicked off the previous PlayStation 4 game.

    Who should play it?

    The answer to this is fairly obvious – PlayStation 4 owners, particularly those who have developed a taste for the open-world adventures starring the Conduits in previous games. Plus wandering the city with Fetch’s powers, arguable the best abilities that Delsin Rowe absorbed in Second Son, is a sure recipe for a fun time.

    Release date: 10 September
    Developer/Publisher: Sucker Punch/SCEE
    Platform/s: PlayStation 4

  • Going back to the old days

    Going back to the old days

    You may not know this but the hugely popular Fallout series from Bethesda Softworks owes its existence to a less well-known game called Wasteland. Wasteland 2 is a sequel (finally) to the 1998 Electronic Arts-published classic, one which was funded on Kickstarter before developers inXile Entertainment managed to find a publisher. One clue that this isometric nostalgia-trip of a role-playing game – with post-apocalyptic everything – has been far too long in coming is that the crowdfunding campaign hoovered up nearly $3 million for development costs.

    This time around, in the sequel that took over 25 years to get here, players will take control of a party of Desert Rangers and bring law and order to the post-apocalyptic setting in any way that they choose. You can use bloodshed or a soft word backed up by the threat of a large stick, or any approach in between. It’s the precursor to Fallout, after all, so expect choice to be abundant.

    Who should play it?
    The Kickstarter backers, obviously, and anyone who pre-ordered the game has already had access to it for a while through Steam’s Early Access program. If you’re late to the party but are fond of the older gameplay style, which calls for a bit of thought, some luck and perhaps diplomacy in between wiping out entire communities (if that’s your thing) then Wasteland 2 should appeal. Get back to the game that started it all.

    Release date: 19 September
    Developer/Publisher: inXile Entertainment/Deep Silver
    Platform/s: PC

  • Dynast- er... Hyrule Warriors in action

    Dynast- er… Hyrule Warriors in action

    Every Legend of Zelda fan know what the Kingdom of Hyrule is, it’s almost a fully-mapped world at this point. But what if you crossed the RPG series with the hack-and-slash madness of the Dynasty Warriors outings? Someone has obviously asked that question and they’re using the Wii U to answer it in Hyrule Warriors.

    The kingdom is once again in peril (just a little bit of peril) thanks to a threat that isn’t Ganondorf for a change so odds are that players will be taking control of the villain in addition to Link, Zelda and the rest of the cast. But the gameplay is very different this time around.

    So instead of measured gameplay and some brilliant boss fights we’re set to have large mobs, pyrotechnic special attacks and (hopefully) some brilliant boss fights – along with a story that we all fervently hope matches up to the other games in the series.

    Who should play it?

    Oh, Zelda and Link fans will definitely have to play this one, if only to have another timeline or section of one to slot into the massive game series. The Dynasty Warriors-like combat will take a back seat to controlling the main characters in the series so you’re going to be going into Hyrule Warriors with the story and the novelty in mind.

    Release date: 19 September
    Developer/Publisher: KOEI/Nintendo
    Platform/s: Wii U

  • Another year, another engine upgrade - yes please!

    Another year, another engine upgrade – yes please!

    Do we even need to explain this one? Electronic Arts’ long-running FIFA series is a consistent hit and there’s no reason to expect that the world’s most popular game won’t sort another goal for the company.

    But EA isn’t just remaking the same game with new names, they’re consistently refining the game engine and expanding what is available to players. The old standbys will all be present but this year there will be more stadiums, visual and physics upgrades on the cards.

    Eventually we’re expecting EA to get so good at the game that we won’t be able to tell the difference between FIFA’s series and the real thing – let’s watch their progress towards that goal this year, shall we?

    Who should play it?

    If you’re a proper FIFA fan, you’re not reading this. Just seeing the heading has sent you off for another digital round of the beautiful game or a stint on YouTube checking out this year’s World Cup highlights. That’s okay, we understand, and if it wasn’t for office hours we’d be joining you. But football fans will have to call in a few sick days come month end – we’re planning to.

    Release date: 26 September
    Developer/Publisher: EA Sports/Electronic Arts
    Platform/s: All of them? (Except the Wii U)


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