4K is so last year: Dell launches ‘5K’ Ultrasharp 27-inch monitor


Think your 4K display is impressive? Think again.

Dell is pushing the HD envelope with its new 27-inch monitor. 5,120 x 2,880 pixels sounds crazy and is also probably crazy amazing.

Dell UltrasharpWhat’s even more interesting is that the monitor allows you to turn it vertically, which – as Anandtech rightly points out – is like having two 2,560 x 2,880 monitors stacked together in one screen.

Only one problem though; besides the enormous pixel count, Dell has been cagey with the specifications besides calling it a 5K display. You get 218ppi, and colour depth of 1 billion colours. Oh, and it also comes with 16W integrated speakers, though if you’re shelling out for a 5K monitor you probably also have a pretty awesome sound system.

What we’d really like to know is the ports, refresh speeds, if Dell is including any super-calibration magic software or tools and if the current graphics cards can support this monitor without just giving up and expiring. According to Maximum PC, you’ll need two DisplayPort 1.2 connections to pump out those pixels.

Seeing how much graphics card grunt this display will demand, we expect it to be the kind of monitor only those with super-rigs or with high industrial requirements would want in the first place.

As to pricing, Dell has been just as cagey on those details but estimates put the price as hovering somewhere around $2500 (R27,000).

Source: The Verge


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