5 September – Games, IFA and the Raspberry Pi on StuffCentral this week


This week on StuffCentral Stuff‘s Craig Wilson and Brett Venter got to speaking about the tech (mostly phone-based) that has come out of the Berlin IFA 2014 event so far this year.

We also got to speak with the GM of RS Components Brian Andrew about the newly-updated Raspberry Pi B+, the Pebble smartwatch and other Kickstarter projects. StuffCentral got into the differences between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, which will be officially launching (at last) in South Africa on 23 September. Is South Africa still PlayStation country and will it remain that way?

Oh yes, and then there are the apps, like Somebody – a messaging app with a twist – and Habit RPG which turns your life into a game. With quests and XP and stuff.

You can listen to or download this week’s show below.

From: CliffCentral


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