Mozilla launches R350 smartphone – though you’ll need to be in India to buy it


Intex Cloud FXMozilla, the company best known for their Firefox web browser and a collection of open-source software, have just dropped a new low-cost smartphone, sporting their very own Firefox OS, onto the market.

We’d have to travel a little in order to lay hands on the Intex Cloud FX however, it’s currently only available in India but it might be worth making the trip for grab the device – it’s going for around 1,999 rupees (R350) from India’s Snapdeal online retailer.

Mozilla said in a statement, through president Li Gong, “With support from Intex, Firefox OS smartphones in the ultra-low-cost category will redefine the entry-level smartphone and create strong momentum in Asia.”

Light on price, light on specs

The Cloud FX, which is being made for Mozilla by Indian manufacturer Intex, is a dual-SIM handset that will host a 1GHz processor, Bluetooth, WiFi and expandable memory, though it seems that capacities will be limited to 4GB SD cards.

Mozilla have been looking at emerging markets for their handsets and the company says that the response to the Firefox OS, which is part of the Cloud FX, has been largely positive to date. We’re looking forward to getting hands on one of the company’s handsets, should they make the jump to the continent in future.

Source: BBC


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