Apple could drop 32GB iPhone 6 and launch 128GB model


Apple could be bulking up the storage capacity of the iPhone 6 to 128GB.

According to GeekBar‘s source, a technical document listing of the iPhone 6 features the long-sought-after 128GB model– and drops the 32GB option.

That means, oddly, that Apple could be planning to release the iPhone 6 in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB flavours. Thus far, Apple’s released iPhones in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities (only the iPad and iPods have been made available with 128GB storage).

According to the documents, the 128GB iPhone 6 flash storage chip will be built by Toshiba, while the 16GB and 64GB versions will be made by Hynix, Nynix, and SanDisk.

If this rumour happens to be true, it could have interesting implications for the pricing of Apple’s iPhones. As the storage goes up, pricing takes a similar (but fairly consistent) jump as well.


iPhone 6 Specs LeakThe upcoming smartphone is also expected to include a thinner, rounder form factor, a larger and higher-res display with sapphire screens, as well as wireless charging and NFC support features.

We can’t wait for 9 September to finally put an end to all this speculation and find out what exactly Apple has in store for us.

Source: Business Insider


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