5.5in iPhone 6 shell revealed in new pics


New leaked shots have added to the weight of evidence that Apple will unleash a 5.5in iPhone on the world next month.

We’ve already seen plenty of leaks showing off the 4.7in iPhone 6 in recent weeks, as its rumoured 9 September release date draws near. But until now its bigger cousin – a 5.5in phablet that purportedly goes by the name “iPhone 6L” – has proved more elusive.

A source “deep within Apple’s supply chain” has handed over spy shots of the larger iPhone to evasi0njailbreak.com – showing the rear shell of the 5.5in variant alongside the 4.7in iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 LSeveral details point to it being the real deal rather than a mockup; the 5.5in shell features a cut-out Apple logo, as seen on spy shots of the 4.7in iPhone 6 (and the iPad mini with Retina display). Apple Insider also points out that the placement of screw bosses and other machining details match up with the smaller iPhone.

Naturally, the larger iPhone 6 shell also follows the same design language as the smaller mode, with rounded edges, and a power button mounted on the side of the device.

The larger iPhone is expected to pack a larger 2915mAh battery than the 4.7in iPhone’s rumoured 1810mAh power pack, but further details of its internals have yet to be revealed.

There’s also speculation that production issues might mean that its release will be delayed – we should find out on or around 9 September.

Source: via Apple Insider


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