LG reportedly planning G Watch 2 reveal for IFA in September


LG was first to the international market with its Android Wear device, the G Watch, back in early July. Might it now be the first company to replace its debut effort with a second-gen model?

LG G WatchThat’s what a report from the Korea Times claims, and the first sighting could be just around the corner: the publication claims that LG might be gearing up to show the so-called G Watch 2 at IFA, the massive trade show happening in Berlin in early September.

Even with the all-too-brief lifecycles of portable electronics today, that would be a stunning turnaround if true. However, the report mentions that it’s unclear whether the G Watch 2 will be publicly announced or simply shown privately at the event.

What’s on tap for this potentially quick turnaround of an upgrade? The G Watch 2 will reportedly feature an OLED display (as opposed to the IPS LCD of the original), which delivers deeper blacks and consumes less energy – key to the success of an all-day device like a smartwatch.

In a statement to Android Police, LG confirmed future Android Wear plans, but wouldn’t address the specific report: “LG will continue to support the Android Wear platform beyond the G Watch. But to date, no details of future Android Wear products have been confirmed.

We’ll find out either way in just a couple of weeks whether LG intends to put up an even stronger effort to fight the incoming Moto 360, which itself is expected to be shown at an event in the United States preceding the start of IFA.

Source: Korea Times


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