Samsung Galaxy Note 4 revealed in leaked photos


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is set to be unveiled on 3 September at IFA in Berlin – but the good ship Samsung appears to have sprung a leak.

Galaxy Note 4 LeakGSM Arena has scored images that purport to show the phablet in all its glory – along with the retail box. The shots show off Samsung’s familiar textured faux-leather back panel – although mercifully, the fake stitching appears to have been given the heave-ho.

Round the back, the phone sports what looks very much like the heart rate monitor found on the Samsung Galaxy S5 – no surprises there.

Most interestingly, the Galaxy Note 4 appears to have swapped out the plastic frame seen on the Galaxy Note 3 for a more angular metal surround, with bevelled edges and plastic inserts at the base of the phone.

The layout of ports and buttons doesn’t appear to have changed, with the S Pen tucked into a holster on the right hand side of the device alongside a speaker grille. The power button remains on the right hand side of the phone, with what looks like a volume rocker on the left.

Some reports have suggested that the Galaxy Note 4 will be released in two different editions; a plastic version and a premium “Prime” edition with a metal build. If that’s the case, this could be the Prime version of the phablet. A retail box image has also leaked; assuming it’s accurate, it depicts a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with no Prime labelling. However, it’s unclear from the image on the box whether that phone features metal edges.

We’ll find out exactly what Samsung has in store for us at the launch event on 3 September – we’ll keep you posted if anything else shows up in the meantime.

Source: GSM Arena


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