Mweb drops uncapped ADSL prices, boosts capped allowances


MWEB LogoNaspers-owned Internet service provider (ISP) Mweb is upping the data allowances for its capped ADSL customers at no extra cost and dropping the monthly subscription fees on its uncapped offerings.

In addition to the increased data on capped packages Mweb is also adding after-hours data, which can be used between midnight and 6am. For example, customers on Mweb’s 30GB package (which costs R239/month) will now get 50GB of data each month and will receive an additional 50GB for after-hours use.

“Our Capped ADSL customers will benefit hugely from the new data cap changes we are introducing,” says Mweb Connect GM, Carolyn Holgate. “Not only will their daytime data caps be increased at no extra cost, they will also be given the same amount of extra data to be used at night. These changes are part of our plan to connect more people to the wonderful world of the Internet, and to give our existing customers a better Internet experience.”

Meanwhile, Mweb is also cutting the prices for its uncapped and small-business uncapped packages and introducing new products. For example, the price of the ISP’s 10Mbps uncapped package has been reduced by R60. A new 6Mbps uncapped product for small businesses has been introduced with a price of R695/month.

Those Mweb customers who are eligible for the upgrades or price reductions will be automatically switched to the new products by 1 September 2014.

The full list of Mweb’s rate and allowance changes, as well as the new packages on offer, follows in the table below:

Mweb price changes


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