8 August – Missed the Thurday broadcast of StuffCentral? We’ve got you covered here


Stuff is really enjoying the time we are getting to spend on Gareth Cliff’s CliffCentral radio program, not least of all because Toby gets to say some of his favourite words – like ‘smartphone’ and ‘Use the Force’. We may have exaggerated about ‘smartphone’.

But, if you were unable to catch yesterday’s broadcast for whatever reason or perhaps you want to save the discussion of which tech is not worth your time for later reference, then you’re in luck. We have the podcast of yesterday’s show below, for streaming or download, and the previous two radio outings as well.

And, for those that missed out on the last few episodes of the show, you can access them below.

The inaugural broadcast can be found here.

From: CliffCentral


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