This is Lenovo’s new metal-bodied quad-HD smartphone


Lenovo Vibe Z2 ProWhen you think ‘high-end smartphone’, usually either Apple or a company from South Korea comes to mind, with a couple of other well-known names trailing along behind. Lenovo isn’t a company that really jumps to the fore, since most of their smartphone sales take place in and around China where the company originates. Hopefully that will change soon, as we’d really like to get our hands on something like their upcoming flagship device.

Called the Vibe Z2 Pro, Lenovo has detailed what their latest entry into the world of phones will feature and it might even make LG’s G3 sweat a little. The Vibe Z2 Pro will be packing a 6-inch quad-HD (that’s 2,560 x 1,440 for those playing the home game) display and will feature a brushed-metal body – so it’s pretty much what everyone has been asking Samsung for so far.

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On to the internal specs, a Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz CPU has pride of place alongside 3GB of RAM and a bloody huge (for a phone) 4,00mAh battery. We’re expecting all-day performance and then some.

It’s also taking the fight to LG’s current flagship with a 16MP camera with dual LED flash and OIS – though LG still has the edge with that laser autofocus feature. For now.

So when might we expect this dual-SIM marvel? Sadly, unless Lenovo’s doing something unusual with the Vibe Z2 Pro, it’ll probably stick closer to its home market. Which is quite a shame, we’d definitely like to play with it a little. It will be showing its face in launch markets from next month.

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