Samsung confirms one of two new smartphones will be created with “new materials”


Kim SamsungSamsung has two high-end smartphones due for release in the next six months. At least, that’s what Samsung Mobile’s senior vice-president, Kim Hyun-Joon, told investors on an earnings call.

Kim said the launch of these units would be an attempt at regaining Samsung’s falling earnings and securing its lead as one of the top mobile phone manufacturers. It’s a tough spot to be in, especially since competition’s gotten tougher with Chinese rivals like Xiaomi entering the market.

The South Korean company didn’t reveal too much on what these two new mobile phones will be or look like, instead providing investors with no more than a teaser into some of their features. One of the models will showcase a large screen, and the other will be created by means of “new materials” – the rest is open to speculation.


Sources are speculating that the phone made of “new materials” could be the rumoured Samsung Galaxy Alpha, said to be the first of Samsung’s Android phones to come with a metallic design. Co-incidentally, information of its specs were leaked on a German Samsung blog, which also says the Alpha will be officially launched on 13th August.

Its specs, apparently, include a Samsung-made Exynos 5433 chipset, a 12MP rear camera, a 2MP front snapper, a screen resolution of 720p, and 32GB of storage built-in (with no microSD expansion).

The other device, the one with the large screen, could be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is supposedly coming with a 5.7in 1440 x 2560, flexible three-sided wraparound display, 20.1MP camera and Android KitKat 4.4.3, as well as water repelling capabilities.

We’ll update you with more news of these smartphones as we get closer to their launch date – so keep watching this space.

Source: Wall Street Journal, SamMobile


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