3D holograms have arrived. Sort of


Scotland-based artists Chris Helson and Sarah Jackets have created a 3D holographic video installation which allows you to watch the action from any direction.

Named Help Me Obi (for hopefully obvious reasons), the installation is more of a 360 degree video system than a true hologram, although the videos still look like they’re floating in the middle of a room.

Unlike actual 3D holograms which let you walk around and view different angles of objects depending on your position, this system shows off the same angle no matter where you’re standing.

[vimeo url=”http://vimeo.com/73161507″]

We’re not entirely sure how the system itself works as its creators are keeping quiet until their patents come through, and it’s currently in a prototype stage.

While we’re a little freaked out by the floating baby demo, it does open up the possibility of large screens which can be viewed from any angle, preventing fights for the best chairs in the house. We can’t wait.

Source: Helson and Jackets


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