Ideum wants you to turn your Android phone into a gamepad


PC gamers often have to turn to gamepads for their forays into platforming, which can be a rather costly niche accessory considering that you might not use it very often.

That’s where the folks from Ideum come in with their updated GestureWorks Gameplay virtual controller app, which now allows Android phone users to turn their smartphones into gamepad controllers.

You can even customise a gamepad layout for specific games, so you don’t need to muck about with a standard layout at all, and the latest update supports a wider range of graphic standards, which means a wider range of compatible games.

According to Engadget the app will cost around R160 for the full version, and will be made available on Steam soon . This might seem expensive for an app, but when you consider the cost for a gamepad, it’s not a huge price to pay.

Check out the vid to see the GestureWorks app in action. It looks good but whether it will ever replace your PC’s Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers remains to be seen.

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Source: Engadget


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