Fitbit adds GPS tracking in iPhone app update


Fitbit Flex RowTaking a Fitbit fitness tracker for a run is a simple task, just pop it on your wrist and go. But the simplicity does mean that Fitbit’s devices don’t have the features that are rolling out to smartwatches and gear like Garmin’s sports watches and other competitors – like GPS.

Fitbit has got a plan for that and they’re taking care of it by issuing a new update for their iPhone Fitbit app that adds a feature called MobileRun.

MobileRun confers magical GPS tracking powers on Fitbit devices by making use of an iPhone’s GPS to upgrade the functions of the Flex, One and Zip Fitbit products.

The result is GPS tracking stats that are collected by the Fitbit app which will give users access to run times and routes, as well as splits, distance and time spend on the track/road/treadmill. All of the new tracking options will fit into Fitbit’s existing Dashboard, keeping all the info in one place. Fitbit have also added the ability to control iTunes from within the app itself, so you’re spending more time running.

The Fitbit MobileRun iPhone update doesn’t do anything especially new in the world of fitness tracking, almost everything that Fitbit’s mobile software now does is already available in other apps, like RunKeeper (which works on Android), but Fitbit users will appreciate the extra functions. As long as the constant tracking doesn’t sap the battery life of Fitbit’s trackers, we’re good.


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