Apparent 5,000HP Devel Sixteen spotted on the road in Dubai


Devel 16Does anyone remember the Devel Sixteen, which made an appearance at the Dubai Motor Show some time back? If not, let us refresh your memories (or you can just hit this link). The Devel Sixteen’s prototype was shown off in Dubai and the car’s creators had some very impressive claims for the vehicle.

Claims like a 5,000HP V16 engine capable of a top speed of 560km/h. And it’d supposedly breach the 100km/h mark in just 1.8 seconds, which is just about enough time to catapult yourself into the nearest wall at high speed. Well the car seems to be on the road, if the video below is any indication. The body is, at least.

We don’t get to see the Devel Sixteen at any high speeds, just coasting in to part on Dubai Beach with the engine idling for a time while people take photos and video of the admittedly impressive-looking bodywork.

In other words, we have yet to see the outlandish claims for the vehicle’s speed proved and with something like this, seeing really is believing. But, it is supposed to have a ‘road mode’ that runs the vehicle on only 8 of the 16 cylinders when you’re not attempting to outrun… everything and that could be what we’re hearing in the video clip – the Devel Sixteen running at half capacity. Or it could still need quite a bit of work.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for a track or, more likely, runway test of the Devel Sixteen at a later stage. We’d really love to see it in a test situation to find out if it really can top 500km/h. For now, colour us skeptical.

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