Heads-up, Garmin has something new heading your way


Garmin HUDGarmin’s HUD has hit South Africa with a bit of a thud. We were aware that the HUD, which is a GPS projection system that displays your route on your windscreen, would be heading in South Africa’s direction after hearing about it earlier this year, we just weren’t sure when it would arrive. Well, now it has.

How the HUD, or Heads-Up Display to give it its full name, works is that it will sit on your dashboard. Alone it’s a bit pointless but paired with Garmin’s Navigon Southern Africa Navigation smartphone app, which is available for both Android and iOS (at a price) it’ll give you the impression that you’re in your very own road-based video game. When it comes to finding your way to your destination, at least.

HUD connects to smartphones via Bluetooth to Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices so as long as you’re not using a BlackBerry, you’re probably supported.

Mathys Thompson, Garmin Southern Africa Automotive Category Manager, said in a statement “Garmin’s HUD interface has been developed utilising an in-house driving simulator that uses cameras to track the driver’s eye movements. The interface design is based on the time and cognitive load required to perform a task with the goal of minimising driver distraction.”

As for where you can get something different in the world of in-car navigation, Garmin SA says that Makro now has the HUD at a recommended price of R2000. We’re hoping to give one a test-drive soon so we can give you the low-down on its auto-adjusting brightness and navigation features so stay tuned.


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