Is Samsung making a super-duper Prime edition of the Galaxy Note 4?


Samsung Galaxy Note 3We’re pretty sure that Samsung is working on a “Prime” premium edition of the Galaxy S5 smartphone – and now it transpires that it may well be doing the same with the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 phablet.

According to Korean site ET News, the Galaxy Note 4 Prime will have a couple of hardware features to set it apart from the vanilla version.

Firstly, it’ll have a stronger – and probably better-looking – metal body packed with fancy materials including aluminium, stainless steel and magnesium. Which totally makes sense in a premium edition of a normally-plastic device.

More interestingly, there are rumblings about a flexible display (think the LG G Flex). Samsung already has some bendy phones on the market, but putting it on a Note – one of the company’s most successful ranges – would signal to the world that it’s dead serious about pushing such devices into the mainstream.


Of course, it could well be that there are two different models but only one – the “basic” non-metal and non-flexible Note 4 – will actually get a local release. Samsung has a history of limiting special editions of its smartphones to the Far East, and we wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Galaxy Note 4 Prime is destined for such a fate.

Stay tuned for more on these rumours, and keep your eyes peeled for everything we know (and everything we think we know) about the upcoming stylus-equipped smartphone.

Source: ET News


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