Facebook is going to let you Save… things… for later


Remember that time that you saw something awesome that one of your friends posted on Facebook that you just didn’t have time to read. Remember how you were going to go and look for it but it was lost in the deluge of other status updates for the day? We don’t but we’re a bit cynical when it comes to social media platforms. Still, soon you won’t have to miss something interesting on Facebook because of unnecessary intrusions like the work-day and actual people.

A lot of folks would appreciate being able to grab and store items that appear on Facebook for later perusal, which is why the social network is going to be giving users that functionality. Coming soon is an update that will allow the Android and iOS Facebook apps, as well as the web-based version, to Save – as the company calls it – items that they just can’t get to right this minute.

A new item will be added to the drop-down menu on Facebook and in the respective apps that will let users save posts, links and other content for later. Users will be access the saved content under the More tab in the app and if you forget about the stuff you’ve stored, Facebook will eventually send you a reminder. Nice.

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Source: Engadget


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