See the iPhone 6’s sapphire screen take some more punishment


Last week we posted about Sapphire Glass, the rumoured screen component of the iPhone 6, and the great amounts of punishment the screen can supposedly take without damage.

Now Youtube poster Marques Brownlee, who took the screen through its first round of punishment, has decided to put the screen through a second round, namely close encounters with sandpaper. More specifically, garnet and emery-based sandpapers were used, and both these have Mohs scale hardness above that of Gorilla Glass.

As can be expected the screen is not immune to the rough handling but the test does prove that if you don’t have these materials in your pocket every day, the screen should be safe from keys and other less abrasive materials in the average pocket or handbag.

Check out the video to see the screen get taken through its paces.

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Source: TechCrunch


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