Arrival of the 12-inch Macbook Air with Retina display likely to be delayed to 2015


macbook airBad news for those wanting to get their mitts on the highly anticipated 12-inch Macbook Air.

According to a report by Taiwan’s Economic Daily, the new Air was supposed to start hitting shelves in Q3 this year, but shortages in the supply chain have caused some production delays for the laptop.

The Air will reportedly hit shelves much later this year at the earliest, or otherwise some time in 2015.

The delay, according to the report, comes from Intel’s new Broadwell chips which seem to have not made their deadline.

A silver lining to the announcement is that the 11 and 13-inch non-Retina versions of the 2014 Air are still on schedule, so those who can’t wait for their tech fix can still get one this year.

Source: Tech Radar


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