Revealed at QuakeCon: What to expect from the upcoming Doom shooter


There are lot of memories of Doom floating around the Stuff offices and they’re not all pleasant ones. The older hands were around when the first Doom made its appearance on DOS computers, others jumped on board with the fright-fest that was Doom 3. It’s one of those games that refined and defined gaming. Now, after an extended wait, there is a new Doom on the way called, simply enough, Doom. There’s no sequel number or subtitle, suggesting a reboot of sorts.

Revealed at QuakeCon 2014, id Software will be launching the new Doom on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and there are already some gameplay impressions available online. Preview impressions, that is, nobody has played the complete game yet.

In terms of plot, players seem to be in for a similar experience to Doom 3. The game will kick off at a UAC facility on Mars, prior to the demonic forces breaking like a wave over the player, and it’s only going to get bloodier from there.

The fast-paced gunplay against the minions of hell, with large weapons of a ballistic nature rendering demons into a little red mist, is set to return and id Software are going to be making it even bloodier and more brutal than ever. Think detailed melee kills, both by the player and by enemy NPCs, and buckets and buckets of blood. We’re suddenly looking forward to it.

id Software have yet to announce a launch date but, by the sound of it, we could see another trip to hell taking place by the end of next year.

Source/Image: Polygon


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